» » » Alfa Romeo Giulietta is being withdrawn from production

Alfa Romeo Giulietta is being withdrawn from production

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta, a compact Italian-made model, is out of production this spring, according to automotive industry sources. The information appeared on several sites in Italy, including V: Motori and ClubAlfa.it.

According to them, Alfa Romeo Italians are experiencing low demand, so production at the Cassino plant has a low profit margin. It produces between 40 and 70 copies of Alfa Romeo Giulietta per day. Apparently, production also needs to make room at the Cassino plant for the Maserati compact SUV, which will be located under the Levante.

The fate of the car seems predetermined at the moment, especially since not only this model has poor sales, but also the entire range of Alfa Romeo. The model did not plan a successor, the Italian brand focused on the production of the future tonal SUV. This decision is also due to reduced funding from Fiat-Chrysler Automobile.
According to the company's latest roadmap, Alfa Romeo will release a third SUV in 2022. This time it is a b-segment model that will compete in Europe with the Audi Q2 and Mercedes-Benz GLA. The Italian company hopes that the three SUVs (Stelvio, Tonale and the b-segment model) will lead to renewed sales in a market that prefers SUVs at the expense of other models, such as the Giulietta.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/