Tesla recalls 15, 000 vehicles

The latest recall for Tesla includes about 15,000 Model X cars that may suffer power steering failures that will make driving difficult, thereby increasing the risk of an accident. It is recommended that all owners contact the nearest service center immediately. This will allow you to perform all the necessary maintenance manipulations.

The problem was with the power steering pump bolts, as they can get loose and break. If this happens, it will result in a complete loss of control.
The recall includes 14,193 Model XS sold in the US and another 843 in Canada, for cars built in 2016. To date, only 10 percent of all owners have applied for help. The service is completely free of charge and does not take more than a day.
However, Tesla owners do not need to worry, as the electric car manufacturer will be engaged in replacing the screws and installation without any cost from customers, and if necessary, will replace the steering mechanism.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/