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Pagani: How much is a car that few people can afford

Pagani is preparing a new hypercar: it is called Imola. The $ 5.4 million car, a limited edition of just 5 copies, will present its public premiere at the upcoming 2020 Geneva motor show. Named after the Imola mountain range in Bolonia, Italy, the latest Pagani model combines exorbitant power and relatively light weight to make it particularly fast on the track.

Like the Huayra, the Imola is based on the Mercedes-AMG V 12 engine. In the Imola, however, the 6.0-liter engine produces 827 horsepower, which is 107 more than the Huayra. Pagani has not revealed any other performance indicators in relation to its new hypercar, but we suspect it will be very fast.
The Imola comes with a unique suspension geometry, while the new active shock absorbers are interconnected with a new electronic unit that handles engine synchronization with the transmission and differential.

Imola is the first Pagani using a special technique that reduces the weight of the paint by 5 kg, keeping the depth of shade and Shine unchanged. Pagani's goal of simplifying Imola included more than 770 new forged or machined components using alloys such as aluminum, titanium, and steel. The end result is a total weight of only 1,246 kg.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/