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SMART method: driver's licence in Presto within 3 months

Finally obtaining the driver's licence is one of those events that many celebrate even more than the graduation of an university. One thing is clear for sure - if the university diploma may as well be purchased, the driver's licence is not so easy to earn. And even if the person has somehow managed to buy the driver's licence, it has no value if there are no practical skills to be able to drive the car. There is a reason why a taxi driver, when taking someone to the airport, may say the following words: ”Do not worry, the most dangerous part of the road is already over”. This truth reminds the future driver that driving a car is a responsible job - a frivolous attitude wont take anywhere good.

Qualitative training of the students should be a priority of every driving school. Also the knowledge of road traffic regulations is an important aspect. How many theorems and theory haven't we all learnt that seem not to have had any practical value in our lives so far? However, it is different when it comes to driving school - all the theory learnt will be later on needed on the road. It is best if the regulations are known as good as the multiplication table in the 2nd grade. Of course - without constant repetition the knowledge may be forgotten. Therefore, doing the CSDD test online is topical both for future and existing drivers.

However - how long does a qualitative training take? As it turns out, at some driving schools the length of the training may as well be determined by each student individually - everything depends on how often it is possible to attend driving classes. Presto, the largest driving school in Kurzeme, that has the widest coverage of branches throughout Latvia, encourages the students to set ambitious goals. It is not only important to set a goal of getting a B, A, C or D category licence, but even before starting the training to establish a specific deadline and date by which the goal must be achieved.

What is the SMART method?

One of the most effective methods to set goals is the SMART method. Overall, it has 5 sections. First, the aim has to be specific (S) and clearly defined - there should be a specific deadline included until when the aim should be achieved. It may sound as follows - gaining B category licence until the end of October.

Second, the aim should be measurable (M). It means that after a certain time it will be possible to make sure either the person is moving towards achieving the goal or moving away. It includes specific actions at specific time frames, so this way the aim could be achieved by the deadline.

Third, the aim has to be attainable (A). It means that no unrealistic goals can be set. For example, gaining a driver's licence within 10 days is unrealistic. It is not possible because the 1st driving lesson can be attended only after the 3rd theory class, and if the theory course with 2 classes a week has been chosen, then it means that the 1st driving class is only after 1 week.

Fourth, the aim has to be realistic (R). When it comes to this point, one's possibilities should be evaluated. If there has been a previous driving experience or the person has a special driver's talent, 10 driving lessons may be enough - it would be realistic. But for a future driver that has no experience and no knowledge about how to even start a car, it would be unrealistic not to count on more than the minimum number of driving classes determined by the state.

Finally, the aim has to have a specific deadline (T-timebound). Taking into account this method, a real aim can be considered one that has a specific date by which it must be achieved. If there is no deadline, then it is only a dream!

How attainable is the goal?

Let's first take a look at what age licence of specific categories can be obtained.

The training in the driving school can be started from the age of 14. Then an AM category licence can be obtained to ride a moped whose speed limit is up to 45 km/h. When reaching the age of 16, A1 category can be passed to ride a motorcycle with limited power. During the sweet 16 also the training to learn to drive a B category vehicle can be started - if the driving permit is obtained, the car can be driven under the guidance of a grownup with at least 2 years of driving experience.

Those that have turned 18, can obtain an A2 category licence which enables riding also more powerful motorcycles (with power up to 35 kilowatts). 18-year-olds can also get a B category licence.

When turning 21, C category training can be started and the licence obtained to drive a truck. To become a long distance truck driver, CE category must also be obtained.By the age of 22 it is possible to start the training for A category to ride the most powerful motorcycles; however, the driver's licence can only be obtained when turning 24.

The highest age limit is for D category - the training can be started only from the age of 24. D category requires a very responsible attitude as the driver has to carry passengers and transport them safely from point A to point B.

How to get a driver's licence in 3 months?

In fact, the set deadline may be as well 1 month, but it all depends on each independent situation, the experience and options. In some cases the set deadline may be as well 6, 9 or 12 months. However, in this article, we have chosen to set the most realistic and attainable deadline for everybody (with and without previous driving experience) - 3 months. After all, it is possible to achieve this goal in a shorter time period than many expect.

First, it is necessary to be aware of how many driving lessons will be needed. The standard formula that is given by CSDD to calculate the necessary amount of classes is to add 10 to the number of years. It means that an 18-year-old is estimated to need about 28 classes, but a 28-year-old might need 38 classes. On average this amount fluctuates between 30-40 classes regardless of age. It means that there should be at least 30-40 days in which it is possible to dedicate at least 1,5 h to driving. Even a 60-year-old may achieve this goal within 3 months if it is assumed that 70 classes would be needed.

Second, those that attend classes more often and regularly obtain the licence faster. Presto provides an option to book classes each day, including on festive days and weekends. To complete a cycle of 30-40 classes, there should be at least 3-4 classes booked weekly.

Third, it is recommended to use the option to change instructors. It will help to keep up with the pace of attending classes - if one instructor is not available at the desired time, then meanwhile someone else surely will be. It can also save in a situation if it is not possible to get along with some instructor or his manner of teaching does not seem to satisfy. It is understandable that the people can be very different; therefore, each student of the driving school may prefer one instructor over the other. Unlike many driving schools, Presto does not require doing any paperwork to change instructors - instead, Presto considers that to be the free rights of the instructor.

Fourth, it is important to learn the necessary skills in different cars. At the CSDD exam one of the 3 following cars may be allotted - Volkswagen Golf 7, Audi A3 Sportback or BMW 218D XDrive Active Tourer. In the maneuverability area Audi and BMW can be parked by 1 formula, but the rules to execute the task with Golf slightly differ. It is best to try driving similar car models before the exam. Therefore, when booking a class with another instructor, it is recommended to find out what car the instructor is driving. If the student has never driven a Golf 7, it is advisable to choose an instructor that has it!

Evaluate your chances of getting the licence

The SMART goal setting formula can be used in the widest variety of areas - it enables taking a step forward from a dream to a plan! To make the long-desired-dream of a driver's licence come true, everything that is needed is to ask those 5 questions: “What exactly is that what I want to achieve? How will I know that I have achieved the goal, and am I moving in the right direction? Is the goal attainable - does the driving school and country ensure the chances to make it happen? Will I be able to achieve this goal in reality - do I have time, money? When do I want to achieve this goal?”

Motorcycle season is already coming to an end; however, there are still 3 months left to learn the driving skills on the back of the shining rumac. This dream still may become a reality. The training for other categories (except for A) continues throughout the year. But by starting the training in August, the driver's licence may be in the posket already by the end of October. How pleasant would it be to evade getting splashed on the pedestrian sidewalk when driving in the warm salon of the car. And, of course, when gaining the new status of a driver, it should not be forgotten that others should not be splashed!

Another method that helps moving towards the goal with a greater determination is rewarding. Because of that driving school Presto wishes to the future drivers already to choose how to reward themselves when the licence will be obtained - the gift may be a SPA visit, a flight to Malta or the 1st ride with a car to Lithuania. The data confirm that the motivation remains the highest exactly in the first 3 months since the beginning of the training! Therefore - do not postpone the option to give yourself some treat already in the nearest future!

It is possible to get acquainted with the agreement on the website, as well as to sign it just within a few minutes on presto.lv!