17-12-2021, 15:16

What it means to be a bus driver?

To become a bus driver, a D category licence and code 95 is needed. Taking into account that driving a bus means taking responsibility for the safety of many passengers, a licence can be obtained starting only from the age of 24.
25-08-2021, 02:21

SMART method: driver's licence in Presto within 3 months

Finally obtaining the driver's licence is one of those events that many celebrate even more than the graduation of an university. One thing is clear for sure - if the university diploma may as well be purchased, the driver's licence is not so easy to earn.
11-06-2020, 06:44

Two cars became hostages of the failure in the center of Riga

Another test of dilapidated communication systems in the center of Riga led to a serious road collapse.
5-04-2020, 14:52

Ferrari is trying to revive the plants in spite of the quarantine

Italian carmaker Ferrari is doing everything possible to resume production of cars. The company massively tests its employees in factories. Their plan was developed together with virologists and can become an example for the automotive industry.
19-02-2020, 11:39

Tuning a Porsche 911: This car can move around any type of terrain

However, the car is considered one of the best sports cars, the Porsche 911 and can only move on asphalt. But a group of like-minded people decided to completely change the concept and make an SUV out of a sports car. And they succeeded.
19-02-2020, 11:36

New Hyundai i20-first official images

The first official images of the new Hyundai i20 appeared on the Internet. The South Koreans planned to open the car next month at the Geneva motor show.
19-02-2020, 11:34

Restoration of the 1994 Ferrari F355

The Ferrari F355 was salvaged and restored after being left in a garage in Macau for 13 years. Built between 1994 and 1999 as a Berlinetta, the F355 was one of Ferrari's most popular models with more than 11,000 copies sold.
19-02-2020, 11:32

Pagani: How much is a car that few people can afford

Pagani is preparing a new hypercar: it is called Imola. The $ 5.4 million car, a limited edition of just 5 copies, will present its public premiere at the upcoming 2020 Geneva motor show.
19-02-2020, 11:29

Ford Focus RS new hybrid transmission

The Ford Focus RS was supposed to be launched later this year, but the latest information shows that the brand's hot-hatch will be delayed until 2022. The reason seems to be the development of a new hybrid power system that reduces carbon dioxide emissions.
19-02-2020, 11:27

The new Land Rover Defender was spotted on the set of the new James bond film

The new Land Rover Defender is a professional stuntman in the new film "James Bond – No Time To Die". The shooting, unveiled by the automaker and the makers of agent 007